Who is Bob Zoom ?

Bob Zoom is a friendly, charming and funny blue ant which stars a series of musical videos, singing in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Bob Zoom lives amazing adventures with its friends.
The entire concept was done by skilled professionals and qualified in infant education. All of its videos stimulate to play and develop the abilities of the children, promoting coordination visual perception and concentration in a logical way.


Stimulate your child’s imagination with Bob Zoom and its friends.






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Bob Zoom lança terceiro volume de DVD.

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#chegounaredação DVD musical educativo Bob Zoom - Volume 2.

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Personagem infantil Bob Zoom tem música da Copa do Mundo.


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Matéria com os criadores do Bob Zoom.

Jornal O Liberal - Liberalzinho


Formiga azul ensina criaças em três idiomas.

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Foto do Bob Zoom com Amanda Françoso.


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To care, always!

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Bob Zoom supports Pequenos Corações (Little Hearts)!
The institution provides care to children with congenital heart disease and their families, providing lodging, food and referrals to legal, medical and welfare. Also develops actions aimed at minimizing the social, financial and psychological impact that the families of these children suffer for the treatment of heart disease.
Bob Zoom has reverted a percentage of its income of 2014 to this institution.
If you want find out more about their project, please access their website.




Bob Zoom participated on the Ice Bucket Challenge, donating USD 100.00 (BRL 250,00) to TUCCA, a Brazilian institution which takes care of children with cancer.



Bob Zoom is + TUCCA ! Be + TUCCA you too!



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